casa rural pais vasco con perro

Relaxing Sauna

We have a sauna for guests on request with an additional cost of 9 euros per person. The Finnish sauna has a temperature between 80º and 90 ° C and a lower humidity level of 30-60%. The sauna is good for the body since sweating expels toxins and accelerates blood circulation.

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Massage Service

Massage service sports and therapeutic massage service on demand with additional cost. Massage is a method of evaluation and manual treatment of those parts of the human body that present some ailment, or are susceptible to presenting it, with the aim of improving pain, reducing or eliminating muscular tension, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and achieving relief. of stress.

casa rural pais vasco con perro

Common Dining Kitchen

We have a common kitchen-dining room for all the hosts. The dining kitchen includes everything you need to cook, store and refrigerate products. Also, it has a washer and dryer at no additional cost. We do not offer meals or breakfasts, but we do make available to the client coffee and infusions for breakfast.

casa rural pais vasco con perro

Barbecue and Oven

We provide the customer with a barbecue and oven at no additional cost.

casa rural pais vasco con perro

Private and Free Parking

A very secure parking service is offered for any type of vehicle at no additional cost.

casa rural pais vasco con perro


Pets are allowed at an additional cost of €6,00 per day and per pet.

casa rural pais vasco con perro

Electric Car Charger (Orbis).

Electric car charging service is available at an additional cost of €5, plus €0.2 per kW/h. The charger brand is Orbis, and fast charging is not available.

casa rural pais vasco con perro

Extra beds

Individual extra beds can be provided in the rooms at an additional cost of 15 euros per day. Please consult this option with the host.

Additional information from Baiolei

Advance Payment:
An advance payment of 30% of the total reservation amount is required. The payment must be made through a Virtual POS (Point of Sale) system. The remaining balance will be paid by the customer upon arrival at the destination.

Full Payment:
The payment can be made online. If the payment is made at the establishment, it can be done in cash or by card.

Baiolei is open all year round
Check-in and Check-out Times:
+ Check-in: From 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (other options available upon request).
We provide access codes for entry and exit.
– Check-out: Before 12:00 am.

Pre-Check-In System:
We have a CHECK IN TOOLS system in place, which allows us to perform a pre-check-in process (data registration from your home), including the scanning of ID or Passport information. This minimizes the time and contact required for check-in at the accommodation.

Cancellation policies and prepayment terms may vary depending on the room type. Please enter your stay dates and check the conditions of the selected room.

5% if the cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance.
40% if the cancellation is made 30 or less days and more than 15.
60% if the cancellation is made 15 or less days and more than 7.
100% if cancellation is made 7 or less days in advance.